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When you are applying makeup, the last thing you want to do is use a mirror that will cause damage to your eyes. LED makeup mirrors are not bad for your eyes! They can help reduce eye strain and provide more accurate colour representation than other types of light sources. Here is how to safely use an LED makeup mirror.

Can LED lights be harmful to your vision?

French scientists have found a potential link between blue light and eye problems. The government’s health agency has reported that exposure to intense LED lighting can cause retina damage, which is irreversible and could lead to diminished vision quality like decreased sharpness of sight or the inability of distinguishing colours.

LED lights with a whiter or colder colour temperature are the most harmful for your eyes. The blue light in these kinds of LED bulbs is potentially damaging to eye health and has been proven to cause macular degeneration, among other things. If you’re looking at an LED bulb’s colour spectrum on its packaging it will tell you what kind of hue that particular batch emits – warmer colours emit yellow light while cooler shades produce bluer hues like cyan and indigo.

Harsh blue light emitted from electronic devices can lead to a condition known as computer vision syndrome. Symptoms of this include dry eyes and headaches, which are often experienced by people who spend many hours on the screen each day.

Blue light is a major disruptor of sleep, meaning blue light can be harmful to the eyes and disruptive for getting quality shuteye. Make sure you curb your screen exposure before bedtime.

Is the light from LED makeup mirrors different?

Yes! LED makeup mirrors are the best light you can use to get ready in the morning. The warm lighting is much easier on your eyes, and it’s perfect for detailed tasks like applying mascara or tweezing unwanted hairs from under your eyebrow.

Tips for safely using an LED makeup mirror:

Don’t stare directly into the light

Make sure not to stare too closely at any light source. LED mirror lighting may be soft but eye sight is generally designed for vision with a natural amount of illumination rather than looking directly into bright lights.

Turn it off

Consider turning off the lights on your mirror after you finish getting ready.

Different light sources

If you are applying makeup in a dim room, try opening the blinds and curtains to let natural light stream through. You can also turn on any artificial lights that may be nearby like an overhead light for added brightness or even lamps with brighter bulbs if they fit your needs.

This is a great way to increase the amount of light in your room. Using multiple lights and avoiding harsh bright ones will make it easier on your eyes with less chance for glare, too!


So, what’s the verdict on LED makeup mirrors? They are not bad for your eyes. In fact, they can be helpful in many ways if you use them properly. A few things to keep in mind when using an LED mirror include adjusting it so that you don’t have glare from any lights nearby and sitting a little farther back than usual because of how close the LEDs are to your face. Keep these tips in mind before deciding whether or not this type of mirror is right for you!

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