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We get asked quite a lot, what’s the difference and benefits of the different orientations. Well the truth is, it all depends on your desk space and your desired dressing room look & feel.

For some, the dressing table is not only storage but a space to display things like your perfumes and your jewellery stands so this takes up some room. Start adding things in like storage boxes and indoor plans and you might even want to consider wall mounting the mirror.


The PALM and our PARADISE mirror are both portrait style Hollywood mirrors.

The PALM is tall and sleek offering the same height as the full width mirrors whilst chopping down on the excess length to allow room for plants, lamps and storage boxes on your dresser. If you need even more room or just want to change the look, the PALM can be wall mounted with all fixings included in the box. There is a power cable input on the back and the side of the mirror to allow for this.

The PARADISE is a smaller and cannot be wall mounted, however the mirror features a tilting stand allowing you to adjust when applying your makeup to get the best angle.


Our landscape mirrors take up much more desk space, but do give a slightly more awe-inspiring feeling when placed on a dressing room table. They are certainly the statement feature which is what a lot of people want, at the loss of desk real estate. Some of our landscape mirrors like the SKYLINE and the A-LISTER can be wall mounted which gives back some of that space if it’s truly needed.

Overall, it depends on how bold you want the mirror to be. If you want just the practical effects and glamourous feeling of a Hollywood mirror but don’t have too much space, go portrait. If you want a grand central piece that wows when you enter the room, well… The bigger the better in that case and you may want to take a look at our best-selling ICON mirror.

Whatever the choice, you’ll definitely have that WOW feeling whenever you turn on those surrounding bulbs and it lights up in front of your eyes. Be sure to tag us in any photos and let us know which style you went for! As always, if you need any more advice, be sure to send us an email or get in touch with webchat and social media.