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Throughout history, people have been using makeup for a variety of purposes. From ancient times to the modern day, the use of cosmetics has changed dramatically. This is an exploration into how and why makeup came to be what it is today!

The first use of makeup in ancient times was as a way to protect the skin from harsh weather conditions and help with healing any wounds that were found on the body. Originally, makeup consisted of things like mud or ashes which could be used for camouflage in battle, and sometimes even animal blood if it’s available.

Ancient Use of Makeup

By 1500 BC in Ancient Egypt, people had already embraced using kohl eyeliner around their eye area because they believed it would ward off bad spirits while also helping them see better during the day – just one example of how cosmetics have evolved over time!

Cleopatra , the most famous woman in ancient history, was known for using makeup as well. She used to contour her nose with a red iron ore called haematite and also put blush on her cheeks like many of us do today!

As time went by, people began to use more ingredients that were around them instead of relying strictly on mud or ashes (although those are still used occasionally). For example, women would often mix dried plants such as lavender flowers or ground cherry seeds into honey which they then mixed together and applied onto their skin.

During Medieval Times in Europe, it became very popular to paint one’s face white because they believed this made someones complexion look healthier – yet another way that beauty standards have changed over time.

Asian makeup history

White facial makeup in Asia has a different story – it is traditionally used to cover up blemishes and red spots. In East Asia, makeup became popular for the first time in kabuki theater which began centuries ago when Japanese actors painted their faces white with chalk or rice powder so that they could better represent Western aristocrats onstage.

Another famous style of makeup was that of the Japanese Geisha, who would wear thick layers of makeup on their eyes and lips. This was to symbolize that they were ready for marriage.

The Geisha wore heavy, dark colors like black, red and purple around the eyes in order to look more seductive.

Since then, this practice of wearing full-coverage foundation has become more widespread as people have found new formulas like BB creams that are meant to not only offer coverage but also hydrate one’s skin!

Makeup styles in modern times also include new trends like contouring, where people use a darker shade of foundation to make their features appear more prominent and define.

Actresses and actors in Hollywood have also taken to wearing a full face of makeup in order for their skin and features to appear flawless on screen.

However, before the invention of foundation, actors would be given greasepaint (a special type of make-up) which they’d use as an undercoat over their natural complexion so that it could better adhere to the paint used on top!

In ancient times cosmetics were typically made from plant extracts, animal fat or minerals like lead. Some people believe this is one reason why king Tutankhamun had such a heavy beard because his father was said to have been smothered with these types of products when he was still alive. This trend died out though after there became more options available including creams

Modern Makeup

Since the 90’s, makeup has become much more mainstream and now includes the use of non-traditional makeup like contour kits, liquid lipsticks and highlighting. The industry itself has also grown, with projected revenue for 2016 exceeding $50 billion in the U.S. alone

Nowadays there are so many types of makeup and products to choose from that it can be intimidating! Some people may prefer more natural looking beauty while others might want a dramatic transformation.

There are even new trends emerging such as “soft” contouring which is said to look more realistic than traditional techniques or using color correctors before applying foundation to hide blemishes and uneven skin tone. There’s something out there for everyone!

For many in the modern world, makeup has become less about protection and more about wanting to be seen

Trying out different styles is a fun way to express oneself – and historically speaking it’s been an important part in the makeup journey since ancient times!

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