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The word vanity typically means having pride or admiration for your appearance, and the mirror is a tool we can use to apply makeup or perform a skin routine that helps us feel that pride. Vanity mirrors can normally be found on a dressing room table or in a walk-in wardrobe, as this is where most of us will be getting ready.

These items are an essential everyday item for men and women all around the world. Hair and makeup would be very tricky without access to some form of vanity mirror, with many beauty salons situating their clients chair right Infront of the mirror so the customers can see their hair and maintain eye contact during a conversation with your hair stylist.

Hollywood mirrors are actually a variation of vanity mirror, the concept remains the same but Hollywood mirrors are surrounded by bulbs which give the perfect lighting for makeup application. You can imagine how hard it is to apply makeup in the dark or lighting that casts heavy shadows over your face while you’re trying to get ready.

You will see the term vanity mirror when looking for bathroom mirrors as this is a main area used beyond makeup, brushing teeth for example and morning/night-time skin routines. These mirrors are often anti-condensation to give a clear reflection in hot and humid bathroom environments caused by running of baths and showers.

Vanity mirrors have been around for centuries, in fact it was in the 1750s that the mirror was attached to the dressing table and considered a glamour item. Before this, it was known as a toilet table. When the mirror was attached the vanity table and mirror terms were born.

You don’t need a dressing table to own a mirror, as there are plenty of portable options that allow you to get ready in all kinds of environments. Our Malibu mirror is our most portable vanity mirror with an LED surround and dimmable light settings, no table is needed and it can be taken around the globe taking up little room in your suitcase.

The MALIBU Mirror

You can browse our full range of LED vanity mirrors here and discover the full HD range. All of our mirrors were designed in the UK and come with FREE UK next day delivery.

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