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You are probably wondering, What is the best Hollywood Mirror? What to look for when purchasing a Hollywood Mirror? What makes a good Hollywood Mirror? Here we’ll give you a few tips that will help you find the perfect mirror for your needs.

The best Hollywood Mirror is the one that fits your needs

When looking at any mirror, there are many things to consider such as size, shape and brightness

– Size: What size mirror are you looking for? What will be the best size to fit your needs or space?

– Shape: What shape do you prefer, rectangle, oval, round or square? What is most appropriate in your situation.

– Brightness: How bright do the bulbs go on the mirror, will it provide enough light for you or does it need to be brighter? What type of bulbs are on the mirror, LED, incandescent and fluorescent all provide different types of lighting

There may also be other features that make a Hollywood Mirror better suited for your needs. For instance, one might want a magnifying glass in their mirror while others prefer a separate mirror to use for close up makeup.

Once these questions have been answered then it’s time to start shopping!

Large Mirror: If you are looking for a large mirror, we recommend…

The ICON Hollywood Mirror – Our largest mirror yet, standing 72cm wide and 56.5cm high its certainly iconic, without being too wide that you start to lose the effects of being surrounded by bulbs. The ICON comes with a detachable dot mirror with x10 zoom that you can reposition on the mirror or use freehand for close-up makeup application. You can find out more about this mirror HERE

Medium sized mirrors: Our top picks for the medium range…

SKYLINE: This mirror also comes with the detachable dot mirror and the same stand style as the ICON, but measures in at 62cm wide. The Skyline is wall mountable, so you can remove the stand and use the fixings provided to free up some of your desk space and mount it to the wall. You can find out more HERE

A-LISTER: Similar to the Skyline in sizing, measuring 60cm wide and also wall mountable. The A-Lister comes with chrome metal feet, instead of the flat stand available on the other mirrors. This chrome touch adds a different level of class and style to the mirror. You can find out more HERE

Small Mirrors: The best small Hollywood Mirrors are…

PALM: Our only vertical styled mirror, giving you a sleek and slim fitting Hollywood Mirror without taking up too much room on your dresser or desk. Plenty of room for storage around the sides of the mirror for things like jewellery storage, desk decor and makeup. Find out more HERE

PARADISE: Unique to the range, with its swivel metal frame, you can adjust this mirror to get the perfect angle. This mirror is great for smaller spaces, and doesn’t have to be used on dressing tables. You can place the Paradise on top of a set of drawers and adjust the angle, this works great in kids bedrooms and makes a fantastic birthday/Christmas gift. More info HERE

The best compact mirror has to be…

The MALIBU – We were so proud to introduce the Malibu, the folding compact mirror that packs a punch! This little travel style mirror can brighten a whole room, and is rechargeable with a micro USB cable included in the box. Don’t think this little mirror is just for traveling though, as its a great stand alone for eye makeup and close ups due to its one handed weight of 625g. View the Malibu HERE

Know your budget – you can find a vanity mirror for any price range

The price range for Hollywood Mirrors can vary from £29 to over £200 and everything in between. You will find a mirror that fits your budget, it’s just about knowing what you want out of the purchase. Most choices are down to design, so think about the style of your room and whether you want something more decorative or sleek. If space is an issue, then a small mirror would be preferable to a larger one that will take up too much room on your desk and dresser top.

Why it is important to have a good quality lightbulb in your makeup mirror

Bulbs are an important consideration when it comes to makeup mirrors. What type of bulbs will you be using in the mirror, and what will those lights provide your face with? What looks best for my skin tone is a question we often get asked. LED lightbulb technology has come on leaps and bounds over recent years, so if you want something that won’t consume too much energy or heat up quickly then this could be the one for you! Luckily all of our mirrors are LED and come with dimmable brightness options.

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