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 For over 100 years the Hollywood Mirror has
been the go-to mirror for flawless
application of makeup, offering the best
lighting for the perfect finish.

Unbeatable Quality

Designed In The UK



We’ve specialised in creating the best LED Hollywood Mirrors on the market. Bright long-life bulbs with switchable brightness and modes, together with crystal clear glass and built in touch screen buttons, resulting in absolute must-have mirrors to level up your makeup game. High Quality – Designed, sold and dispatched in the UK

Unbeatable Quality

Designed In The UK

Made For Makeup

Perfect Clarity

Home Of Hollywood Mirrors

We’ve specialised in creating the best LED Hollywood Mirrors on the market. Perfect makeup requires the perfect mirror, perfect lighting and 100% flawless glass, the rest is up to you. We offer dimmable brightness as well as warm and cool colour switching modes to suit your enviroment. All of our bulbs are bright and long lasting, with some mirrors being suitable for wall mounting.


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Master Craftsmanship

Designed out of pure passion for detail. Made using ultra clear high quality glass with no warping in the reflection.

Simply Excellent

Each mirror is tried, tested and certified. We pride ourselves on perfection and we stand by our reputation.

Shine Brighter Than Ever

Our bulbs are dimmable with a maximum brightness of 7500k and a minimum of 3500k.

Natural & White Light

Most of our mirrors come with the option to change the colour temperature to replicate natural lighting and bright white lights.

Our Ethos

Excellence And Attention To Detail

We sell the best hollywood and illuminated led mirrors available on the market. With our focus so narrowed, we can promise full commitment and care with every order placed. Our mirrors are of the highest quality, designed and based right here in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a hollywood mirror?

Hollywood mirrors are mirrors with lights / bulbs around the edges used to provide flawless lighting when applying makeup

Can the bulbs be replaced?

Yes, some of our vanity mirrors come with spare LED bulbs included, for others though you’ll have to get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to have some delivered

Is there a warranty?

All of our mirrors come with a 12 month warranty on the electrical parts.

why are they called "hollywood" mirrors

Typically, this style of mirror with the bulbs around the edges could be found in any hollywood dressing room when they first appeared on the market. From the likes of Marilyn Monroe to Frank Sinatra, these mirrors were all part of being a pampered star!

Can you change the bulb brightness?

Yes, you can dim the brightness of the bulbs, and on most of our mirrors you can even change between warm and cool lighting

How long is delivery?

We normally dispatch our mirrors within 24 hours, and they should arrive in 3-5 working days after your order is placed. All orders are shipped from the UK

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