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Quick Glance

  • 36.5cm wide x 47.5cm high
  • White metal swivel stand to tilt the mirror
  • 12 dimmable flush bulbs
  • Touch controlled via sensors build into the mirror.
  • UK mains plug operated, with a power cable length of 1.5m

12 bulbs are pressed neatly into the glass with chrome bases sitting flush. The vanity mirror is fixed into a white stand, allowing you to tilt the mirror back and forward for the perfect angle – Extremely useful for closeup eye makeup and finishing details.

The bulbs are designed to give you the best possible lighting when applying makeup, they won’t dazzle and blind you, but offer a natural even source of light that takes away any shadows and variants that would otherwise imbalance your makeup application.

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The Paradise small hollywood mirror is neat, tidy, and all you'll ever need for a personal makeup area.

The Paradise makeup mirror features dimmable LED lights with a brightness range from 3500k-7500k. As with all of our hollywood mirror collection, you are able to change the brightness and colour modes with the use of the built in touch screen buttons at the bottom of the glass.

If you have a smaller dressing table / makeup station - The Paradise will look perfect, not taking up too much room, but with a thin metal frame it gives an adequate amount of glass to work with.

This mirror is lightweight at around 600g so you can move it from room to room or pack into a suitcase if needed.

Full specs:

Benefits of the Paradise Small Hollywood Mirror

Premium: Don't let the lower price fool you, this small hollywood mirror has been made with the same attention to detail that can be seen throughout our illuminated mirror range.

Performance: Considering its' small size, the Paradise mirror really packs a punch and features 12 bright LED bulbs, giving you the perfect lighting for flawless makeup.

Versatile: We chose to make our mirrors silver to ensure they look amazing with any dressing room or bedroom decor.

Smart: No remote control needed! Just tap the mirror to power it on and then use your finger to adjust the brightness and colour modes.

1 review for PARADISE

  1. Rach (verified owner)

    It is so bright! The swivel stand is so handy and the size is perfect for my corner dresser

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