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PARADISE Hollywood Mirror 36cm x 47cm


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Quick Glance

  • 36.5cm wide x 47.5cm high
  • White metal swivel stand to tilt the mirror
  • 12 dimmable flush bulbs
  • Touch controlled via sensors build into the mirror.
  • UK mains plug operated, with a power cable length of 1.5m

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Full Description

12 bulbs are pressed neatly into the glass with chrome bases sitting flush. The small hollywood mirror is fixed into a white stand, allowing you to tilt the mirror back and forward for the perfect angle – Extremely useful for closeup eye makeup and finishing details.

The bulbs are designed to give you the best possible lighting when applying makeup, they won’t dazzle and blind you, but offer a natural even source of light that takes away any shadows and variants that would otherwise imbalance your makeup application.

The Paradise small hollywood mirror is neat, tidy, and all you’ll ever need for a personal makeup area.

It features dimmable LED lights with a brightness range from 3500k-7500k. As with all of our hollywood mirror collection, you are able to change the brightness and colour modes with the use of the built in touch screen buttons at the bottom of the glass.

If you have a smaller dressing table / makeup station – The Paradise will look perfect, not taking up too much room, but with a thin metal frame it gives an adequate amount of glass to work with.

This small mirror is lightweight at around 600g so you can move it from room to room or pack into a suitcase if needed.


The Paradise mirror is a small hollywood mirror at just 36.5cm wide, 47.5cm high with a tilting metal stand. The mirror can be adjusted to suit your viewing angle. The plug is UK Standard with a power cable length of 1.5m so it can be easily tucked behind a dresser or chest of drawers. This is perfect if you’re after a hollywood mirror that’s smaller than the full sized vanity units we have available.


Delivery to the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland is FREE. Your mirror will be shipped via an express service, usually taking anywhere from 1-3 working days.

Eliminate Those Shadows!

  • Get rid of those shadows with an even, natural spread of lighting.
  • Studio quality lighting, even on our small hollywood mirror, all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Sculpt your features without fear of hard blending lines

Centre Of Attention

The best way to light up your face for makeup, is to have your light source directly infront of you – The best way to achieve this is with a mini Hollywood Mirror.


  • LED Lighting second only to natural light, which can be difficult and inconsistant to work with due to shadows.
  • Hold down the dimmer button to adjust the brightness to suit your enviroment
  • Our mini hollywood mirror is perfect for small dressing tables

Frequently Asked Questions

Does light matter when applying makeup?

Lighting and makeup go hand in hand. It was Mariah Carey that once said “Bad lighting is toxic”. We couldn’t agree more! When using makeup to sculpt features, it is important to use the correct lighting so that you have an even application of makeup. Shadows are definitely not you’re friend when it comes to makeup.

Ring lights vs Hollywood Mirrors

Ring lights are a great alternative, but they take up room on your dresser and often have to be positioned offset to the centre of your mirror so you can see yourself. This causes unwanted shadows and can be counter productive. Hollywood Mirrors use the lighting around the edges, eliminating shadows and lighting up your entire face.

How long do LED bulbs last

On average, LED bulbs last around 50,000 hours. You should never have to replace the bulbs, but we can send out spares if needed in the future

How can I pay

Currently, you can pay using a variety of payment methods. These include card, PayPal or Klarna with options to pay monthly over time.

Why choose HD Mirrors

Because we put YOU first. We’re a UK company with a small team willing to help you every step of the way. You can message us directly on our web chat, through email, or a direct message on social media. Our after sales is second to none, whether its helping you find the plug in the box, or arranging a replacement product, you can buy with 100% confidence that we’re always here to help.

1 review for PARADISE Hollywood Mirror 36cm x 47cm

  1. Rach (verified owner)

    It is so bright! The swivel stand is so handy and the size is perfect for my corner dresser

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