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Hollywood mirrors are a great way to add style and glamour to any room, but did you know they don’t use much electricity? Hollywood mirrors are made with LED lights and these lights do not require any more power than an incandescent light bulb and are super bright, so while it may seem like they are using a lot of electricity, in reality the opposite is true!

Hollywood mirrors use LED light bulbs

What are LED light bulbs?

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are a semiconductor light source that generally produce less heat than an incandescent and they do not contain mercury like CFLs.

The LED has been in development for over 20 years and reached tipping point in the last four or five years with improvements to the design and resultant cost of the LEDs dropping dramatically.

What are the advantages of LED light bulbs?

The advantages of LED light bulbs are many; they produce little heat which is an advantage in the summertime, use less power than older forms of lighting, and last much longer. Bulbs like this can cost more initially but will save money over the long run. Naturally too, these lights don’t release harmful toxins into the atmosphere like traditional light sources do. They’re also usually unbreakable which is an advantage in areas with children or pets around that could knock them over.

How much energy does using LED bulbs save?

LED lights use from 75% to 90% less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. This means LEDs are more efficient and cost-effective in the long run. In fact, an LED light will last 12-25 years before it needs to be replaced with a new one, while a fluorescent light lasts just 10,000 hours.

As well as the monetary savings over time which you’ll feel in your pocket when you’re not paying for electricity in order for a 40W bulb to work optimally—there’s also the CO2 emissions that are being saved due to LEDs being responsible for 68% less greenhouse gas emissions when compared with incandescent bulbs!

How much energy does a hollywood mirror use?

The amount of power used by a lighted mirror is determined by the number of LEDs installed and the functions it possesses, such as colour changing and the ability to change the brightness.

Even if a hollywood mirror has these features, they still use much less energy than any regular lighting in the home.

As an example, LEDs use approximately 6-8 watts of electricity to produce the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. That’s an enormous difference, resulting in significant cost savings on your power bill.

LEDs have such energy efficiency that a few AAA or AA batteries can power a small illuminated makeup mirror. This makes them ideal for travelling!


It’s easy to think that vanity mirrors with lights use a lot of electricity when in reality, they’re incredibly cost-effective. LEDs last much longer than typical light bulbs and are not toxic to the environment like other types of lighting such as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. We’ve taken advantage of this by using custom LED lights in our mirrors, saving you money over time with no compromise over brightness.

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