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This area is for a lot of us, the ultimate luxury: a place only for us, a location where we can’ put on our face’ or maybe pamper ourselves in private (making a change from having to fight for a spot in front of a mirror elsewhere in the house). I’ve personally had a vanity table for a while now and one of the most unexpected benefits of it, is how much of a positive effect it’s had on my wellbeing. I start my day there, and also finish my day there.

Before you start

Before you start to think about the actual dressing table, you need to decide where in the house it’s going to go. In our opinion, it makes sense to have it where you have easy access to your makeup, clothes, accessories, jewellery and shoes. This means the bedroom is probably going to be the best place for you (or dressing room if you’re really lucky!)

You need to get as much natural light as you can for the area you choose, so try to put your dressing table by a window. If you can’t put it in front of a window, try to put it across the room from one, as your mirror will then reflect the light onto you, making it easier for you to apply your makeup.

Questions you need to ask yourself


If space is an issue for you, you should consider creating a vanity corner.


Dressing tables are expensive these days and can cost just as much as any other piece of furniture in the house. With the popularity of DIY at an all time high, it wasn’t going to be long before people started to jazz up old furniture. Here ‘s a great way you can get an amazing vanity space without breaking the bank:

Get a wall-mounted hollywood mirror. This solves not only the issue of having a mirror, but also having great lighting. Pair it with a table and a comfy chair and you’re good to go!

Dressing Table Lighting

Makeup is all about playing around with how the light hits your face, so having bright lighting is crucial. This is why most people have separate lighting just for their vanity area. More recently, the most popular option is to have mirrors with lights around them (aka hollywood mirrors). If the budget is tight, some people surround their space with bright fairy lights.

How big is your collection?

If you, like myself, have a huge collection of jewellery then you’re going to need somewhere to keep and protect it from the elements. A dressing table with custom storage would be ideal, and we’ll talk more about this later in the article.


Traditional Dressing Tables

In most homes, the traditional style dressing table is what is most commonly used . This simple, elegant style is fitted with a standard mirror and one or two drawers at the bottom. It is completely suited for anyone who is accustomed to the more classic styles of furniture in their home.

Baroque Dressing Tables

Baroque dressing tables are easily one of the most unusual and intriguing styles. This artistic style is all about clutter-free simplicity, but yet offers a unique look. Baroque bedroom furniture is an ideal choice for someone who loves patterns and quirky decorative legs.

modern dressing table

Modern Dressing Tables

Modern dressing tables are simple, elegant and stylish. This style is an excellent choice for anyone who is seeking a simple and yet perfect piece for their dressing needs. This unique style will add a dose of boldness and sophistication to the room with its squared edges or glass features.

Art Deco Dressing Tables

Art deco dressing tables are very elegant in their own unique style. This unique style is bold and contemporary, yet stylish and elegant.

Dressing Table Materials

Dressing tables are available in a variety of materials. Here are some tips on choosing the right material for your dressing table.

Solid Wood Dressing Table

As wood continues to become a more popular and preferred material for furniture, material has become a popular choice for dressing tables as well. Solid wood is sturdy, durable and has a very attractive wood grain texture.

Glass Dressing Table

Glass dressing tables are a very elegant, unique and elegant style that adds a certain sparkle to any space. The only thing to watch with glass is that it’s very easy to leave marks on it!

Vinyl Dressing Table

Another material commonly used for dressing tables is vinyl. Vinyl tends to be a little cheaper, but also tends to be a little less fragile. This material is more durable, resists scratches and stains, and is resistant to moisture.

Veneer Dressing Table

Veneer is a similar material to wood, but is very thin and lightweight. This material is most commonly used for furniture where maintaining condition and its natural look is not a requirement.


When it comes to finishing a wooden dressing table, there’s a lot you can do with it as they can be painted, waxed, varnished or even be left untreated. The uniqueness of a wooden dressing table will come from the grain of the wood.

With dressing tables made from other materials, there isn’t a lot that can be changed, but something that is really easy to do to enhance the finishing of your dressing table is to change your knobs and handles.


You’re going to be spending a lot of time here getting ready, so you really need a comfy seat. You’ll want to get something with great padding, or a cushioned seat to add a luxurious touch to your space. Stools and small benches are also popular, especially for when space is tight, as they can be tucked away under your table when you aren’t using it.


The focal point of all dressing tables; your dressing table isn’t complete without a beautiful mirror. For checking your outfit, bigger is generally better, but for makeup application you’ll want something smaller that’s easy to move closer to your face.

Our ICON is the perfect choice as not only is it a large Hollywood mirror, it also comes with a 10x magnifying dot mirror included.


On your dressing table you’ll need to think about how you’ll store everything.

I’m a big fan of acrylic storage options as it means I can see what’s in every section – nobody wants to have to spend 20 minutes looking for their favourite lipstick when in a hurry!

Look to get storage so that you can group your items together by type and also have your most-used items together.


Your vanity area can become a focal point of your room, so add some nice accents to your dressing table. Simple things like trays for your perfume bottles, candles and flowers add a nice touch and make the space feel special.


Regardless of material, make sure you wipe up any spills straight away with a cloth and don’t use any alcohol or solvent-based cleaners. It’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific table.

For wooden dressing tables, clean with a damp cloth and dry. Don’t put hot items directly onto the surface of your dressing table – nobody likes straightener burn marks!

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