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Mirrors have been used in interior design for centuries. Homeowners and designers alike know the importance of mirrors for improving a space’s appeal. They can make an empty room look more spacious, offer a place to check your hair before you head out the door, or even act as an art piece that reflects light from another source into your living area. However, they are not just limited to being functional items – sometimes it is all about how you use them!

Mirrors can brighten a room

Mirrors are great for shining light around a room and making it seem brighter. Buy one big mirror to hang on the wall, or place smaller ones around your space. This will make any small spaces look bigger than they really are, while also providing more natural lighting in darker areas of your home. It’s important that you find mirrors with a frame colour that matches the rest of your interior design scheme – this way everything blends seamlessly together!

When decorating with a large room, place mirrors near lamps or on the opposite walls where windows are. Mirrors also reflect light better than you might think, so don’t be afraid to add more light sources if your house is already dark!

Mirrors can enhance a room

Well, they are great for creating the illusion of more space in a small home. Hang one on the wall or make use of smaller mirrors and let them spread out around your room to enhance it’s design!

Entertain friends often? Not only do mirrors create an illusion of more guests while hosting parties, but they also help add to the relaxation in your entertaining space by reflecting natural light.

Paintings with backgrounds can look amazing if you place a mirror behind them – this way you get an extra surface to admire art from. It also provides another focal point in the room by reflecting light and making everything feel brighter. Mirrors aren’t just useful as decor items though – so be sure to read about how mirrors are used functionally too!

Mirrors can be a focal point

Mirrors have a surprising range of uses and are amazingly versatile when it comes to interior design. In many cases, they can be used as the main focal point in small rooms or whenever you want to create a striking look with your decor!

They can also make great secondary pieces for more formal spaces such as living room sofas – just hang them on the wall behind furniture and let their reflections bring light into an otherwise dark corner.

We find that our hollywood mirrors make the perfect focal point for any dressing room or bedroom and are great conversation starters.

Your mirror can become a window

Make your mirror a window by placing it opposite a window and placing the sofa in between them. This will create an illusion that you have two windows instead of one, which can make your room feel bigger.

How to use mirrors to lighten dark corners

Use mirrors to illuminate dark corners by hanging them on the walls in these areas. This will reflect light and make it look like there is another window or two!

By placing a mirror behind a switched-on lamp and pairing with mirrored furniture you can reflect natural (sunlight) and artificial (lamps, other electronics) light and brighten up your space naturally.

Consider a variety of mirror shapes

Choose different shaped mirrors to add interest and variation. Have a round one next to a rectangular one or place them in pairs on the wall for an interesting effect.

Sometimes mirrors don’t need to be practical. An unusual-shaped one will certainly add the wow factor and create some talking points while giving a room a unique appearance.

Use mirrors to double your space

A mirror can be used to instantly double the space of a room. Mirrors come in many shapes and sizes as applies to the application, including ones that are sleekly designed for use in slim spaces such as hallways; and others with provocative curves that provide more stylish decorative value than their squared counterparts.

For a more vibrant room, hang a mirror at the top of your largest wall to capture as much light as possible.

Square mirrors are great for decorating mantels or console tables. They can also be used in groups to create a wall of mirrors.

Mirror placement is as important for function as it is for design! We hope you’ll remember these tips on how to use mirrors when designing your interiors next time around!

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