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It still shocks and angers us, that so many cheap imitation hollywood mirrors are sold in discount stores and supermarkets all over the country with false claims and disappointing results.

Some of you may already know the kind of mirrors we’re talking about. Yes, the infamous B&M hollywood mirrors and its similar rival from the Range.

Thousands of people fall victim to these cheap mirrors every year, blown away by the price and the photo on the box doesn’t look too bad at all. What’s the worst that can happen? You rush home and you can’t wait to set it on your dresser. You’ve seen and wanted a Hollywood mirror for years and now is your moment! But wait…

  • Once plugged in, you realise the mirror gives off less light than a single candle
  • It’s completely plastic
  • You can’t return it because its electrical and you’ve already plugged it in
  • It doesn’t have the showstopper appearance you visualized in your head

Let’s take a closer look at each of the mirrors and highlight some key things to look out for when purchasing your hollywood mirror.

The Range Hollywood Mirror:

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, and it couldn’t ring louder when you see a hollywood mirror priced at £17.99.

You can probably tell how bright these lights are from the photo, but believe us when we say they are even more disappointing in person. If you look closely you can also see the folds in the metal that have been wrapped around to form the shape and border of this mirror.

This mirror is advertised on The Range as a bathroom mirror, yet also states its not suitable for high moisture zones… Such as a bathroom? Moving on.

Battery powered full sized Hollywood Mirrors – STAY CLEAR

We cannot stress enough, avoid battery powered mirrors unless you want to be disappointed with the brightness they output. This whole mirror is powered by 2 x AA batteries. Not only will you be changing them every week, you are also powering 14 bulbs with just x2 batteries which as mentioned above will provide about the same light as a candle or two.

The B&M Hollywood mirror:

This mirror had the national press and featured in The Sun with the headline being “very similar to premium ones costing £219”. Must have been a slow news day. The B&M hollywood mirror retails at £29.99 and is actually no longer available on their website, probably because of the negative reviews and comments on the product page. But still, we managed to find reviews of this exact mirror elsewhere, you can take a look for yourself below:

As you can see, an echo of our comments above on the previous mirror. Batteries simply don’t provide the power needed for the beauty benefits that come with Hollywood mirrors. This one even has a thin border lip around the edges of the mirror, almost to try and funnel the lighting at you using indirect light reflections.

Our Suggestion?

If you want a proper hollywood mirror with the full benefits from the lighting, but a similar size the B&M hollywood mirror – You’re probably best choosing something like our Palm Vanity mirror.

The Palm gives off studio quality lighting without taking up too much space, and is very similar in size the the B&M battery powered version. Built with high quality materials and multiple lighting settings, its worth spending just an extra £30 towards the Palm mirror to save yourself from instant buyers remorse.

Sold out!

In Summary

When it comes to makeup, lighting is key, and if you’re spending money on a light up mirror that doesn’t provide any added benefits when compared to a candle, then you’re wasting your money.  The B&M mirror might only cost you £30 but if you have to replace it in 1-2 months time then you’re going to be paying more in the long run.

If you’re in the market for a hollywood mirror then why not take a look at some our other products below, with prices starting from £49.99

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