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It’s no secret that makeup artists are becoming more and more important. With the rise of social media, it is now possible to earn a living with your skills on YouTube or Instagram. It is not just celebrities who are taking advantage of this opportunity either – there are many regular people who have turned their love for makeup into a successful career. But how do makeup artists take pictures for Instagram, and why do they look so damn good?

The truth is, not many people actually look that perfect in real life so don’t beat yourself up too much. Ever heard the phrase “Its all smoke and mirrors”. Well maybe not smoke, but definitely mirrors, lighting, photo filters and 1,000 takes of the same photos.

Lets delve in to the secrets of how these photos from professional influencers and makeup artists take such good Instagram pictures, starting with…

The Perfect Lighting For Your Instagram Photos

Lighting for Instagram photos should also be soft – this avoids dark circles around the eyes and keeps makeup looking fresh on camera!

Luckily it is very easy to achieve that perfect lighting in-camera so you do not need expensive equipment (unless you are an expert). A popular trick involves using Hollywood mirrors which reflect a high quality of light onto your face from all angles. You could even get away with placing a mirror behind at head height if there’s no windows nearby!

Light rings can be used too, although multiple are normally needed so you don’t cast shadows on your face – Read our full lighting comparisons HERE

Lighting recommendation:

Hollywood Mirrors are hands down the best lighting for the perfect Instagram selfie. Its how most MUAs and makeup professionals take their photos, you can sometimes tell by noticing the reflection in their eyes and you’ll see a square light from the bulbs around the edges of the mirror.

Camera or Phone Tripod

Get rid of those shaky shots, or the strange nostril upshots from balancing your phone up against your makeup bag. Invest in a decent phone or camera tripod to get rid of any bluryness in the photos, and you can also make sure you get the best angle. Selfies are great now and again, but if you want details, and you’re getting a numb arm from endless selfie taking trying to get the best shot, then get the tripod.

Tip – Some tripods come with a Bluetooth button that lets you click it to take photos so you can throw all kinds of poses without manually reaching to take a photo or setting awkward timers.

A nice tidy background – Selfie ready!

Don’t forget the background!

Yes, 90% of attention will be on your absolutely bomb makeup and how fantastic you look – But don’t let a stranger on the internet break it to you that you’ve left a bra hanging up over your bedroom door in the background.

Backgrounds don’t have to be perfect, not everybody can pose outside Bond Street shops in a brief moment where nobody is walking by. (If you can, its probably worth getting a quick photo in, it makes a cute photo)

Take a quick look around you room before you take the photo and do a quick checklist:

  • Any dirty laundry in view?
  • Is my bed made
  • Is the room in an overall tidy condition
  • Do I want the background to be well lit, or just your face lit up from your makeup lighting?

You might want to actually add things into the background, that complement either your makeup colours or clothing style. Going for the red dress, red lipstick shot, maybe throw a few red love heart cushions in the background or pose whilst taking a nibble from a red box of luxury chocolates. Get creative, it stands out!

Photo Editing & Filters

Okay, so you’ve done everything in your power so far. Lighting is right, makeup is flawless, you’re in a tidy room, what’s next? Well, once you’ve taken 1000 photos and picked your favourite few, you might want to add a few photos on there. Photo editing apps that come with presets are worth their weight in gold.

Something like Koloro available on mobile app stores, costs around £10 for lifetime access and gives you hundreds of presets for different style photos. Make colours and shadows pop, or add a summers day feel over the top of your selfie.

Photoshop is a great tool, but it can be complicated to use, and when there are thousands of filter apps out there that are so time friendly and powerful, its a no brainer. Find one that works for you, or message someone who’s photos you admire on Instagram and ask if they have any preferred apps with filters that you can use. This obviously only applies to non-celebs, as the Kardashians will probably keep you on unread.

There you have it, a few tips to take photos like makeup artists on Instagram. We hope you liked them, don’t forget to check out our range of Hollywood Mirrors available with low payment plans from Klarna or Paypal.

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